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What people have to say about our Lymphatic Bowen workshops

"The lymph work was a total success.

My client was so happy. She had just finished chemo and has generally been very tired.  She "urinated after the treatment and it was an awful smell" but have been feeling very good since! Sleeping less, doing things she has not been able to do and being very energetic. 

I am so happy with these tools I gained for my practice."

- Margaret Arna, Iceland

"Fantastic eye-opening course that has improved my results immensely.

I'm finding that once all the doors are open & the blockages are gone then the subsequent treatments are noticeably more beneficial & I haven't had a single client who reports being a bit 'over cooked'  I'm so glad to have done

this course!"


- Abby, Bowen Practitioner

Thanks for a fantastic course! Four full treatments done yesterday & some excellent feedback already 👍 Our Bowen work is marvellous at freeing up toxins but most people have the exit door ajar or sometimes completely closed which rather hampers the outflow! This course gives you the means to open the doors!! 💡

- Abby L.W

"This work has added a whole new dimension to my treatments. One client's breathing immediately improved after adding this work to the treatment. You are definitely onto something here."

- Richard, GP & Bowen Practitioner


Harness the amazing effect of the Bowen technique to target one of the most neglected systems in our bodies.

An exciting new course that will inject new life and results into your treatments.

First ever MSTR®

in Greece

January saw Paula jetting off to Athens to deliver the first ever 

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release workshop in this historical city!

Lymphatic Zoom Meeting 

Our recent Lymphatic Zoom is now available to view on our brand new YouTube Channel. 

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Double whammy in Scotland!

Join Gus and Paula for exciting workshops in Glasgow & Aberdeen.

Discounted price available.





Now moved to our on-line training platform for your convenience! 

The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique ® (MSTR®) is an amazing advancement in the treatment of scar tissue and is changing people’s lives.

It is a fast, easy-to-learn method and is being used effectively worldwide by many health professionals, and ANYONE who is involved in health and well being.

Clinic One-on-One

Paula Esson

Would you like Gus or Paula to spend a full day with you in your own clinic?

Working on your own clients.

We could help "problem solving".

Give you new ideas.

Draw on each of our 25+ years of experience and have an amazingly fun-filled learning experience!

Drop us a line and lets get the ball rolling.

Gus de la Querra

07909 556222


A one-day workshop, designed especially for Bowen practitioners who feel that they are ready to break free from the constraints of protocols and procedures but not sure where to begin. 


The Neuro Science of Bowen.

This workshop takes us on a whistle stop tour of the mechano-receptors and nocioceptors applied with the Bowen technique skill base. At the moment you have a precise way to apply a Bowen move but when we change the location, depth, speed and pressure we use we are affecting a range of receptors.

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