When you look at the body differently, you will treat differently.

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The body is dynamic and everchanging.

So should your treatment be.

Ever looked at your client and thought

"Where do I start?"

Join Gus on this 2-day Workshop

Live and in person! 

(Like the old days)

Add a fresh edge to your treatments and results. 

This workshop is open to all qualified bodyworkers. 


  • Recognise and understand the concept of anatomy and fascial slings

  • Understand the anatomy involved in anatomy slings and specific areas of movement.

  • Addressing slings with hands-on work


An introduction to Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)/PNF stretching and its role in possible immediate pain relief and improved movement.

Manual Muscle Testing

An introduction to MMT and it's role as a valuable tool in guiding your treatment.


How to have a lot of fun whilst learning. 

Stop yourself from

holding yourself back

Breaking the Mould 2021

  • 08 May 2021, 09:30 – 17:30 BST
    Tonic Health, 6, Broadgate House, Westlode St, Spalding PE11 2AF, UK
    Join Gus on this exciting workshop, covering everything Vagal - amazing pilot of our autonomic nervous system.