"It's not how much you know, but how to best apply what you know"

The Bowen technique is being taught the world over in a very similar, and often rigid and procedural manner. This is all good and well as we need to know the fundamentals and basics before we are able to diversify - you need to know the rules of the game in order to be able to change the game plan. 

We do however stand the chance of becoming frustrated and stale in this kind of approach, knowing and realising that each of our clients are totally unique and would therefore need a more individualised treatment plan but not quite sure how to approach the issue.

Remember, Tom Bowen never used the Bowen technique. Tom did what he did, guided by his clients.

  • Have you been told that the maximum time to have a client on the couch is 35-40 mins?  Well, how do you achieve this with the amount of work you have to get through? Or, is it even a thing?

  • How do you start "breaking up" the work and do what's needed first?

  • What's the story with the breaks and when is it best  to use them when you start changing what you're doing?

  • Is the  "3 treatments, 7 - 10 days apart" option always the best option in reality? 

  • Do you always have to treat people lying prone and supine, and on a couch? 

  • Do you always have to do a full procedure/protocol?

  • Are there extra work/ideas around some of the procedures?

If these are some of the questions going through your mind whenever you're in clinic or having some quiet time, or if you have a few more...then this one-day workshop is for you! 

Breaking the Mould Glasgow
Aug 30, 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
3 Somervell St,
3 Somervell St, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 7EB, UK