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Eqology’s product philosophy is based on being in balance and in harmony- with the self, the body and the surroundings. Our products within dietary supplements and nutri-cosmetics are developed in cooperation with leading herbalists, homeopaths and biochemists. Product development and manufacturing take place in Norway and in the EU in accordance with GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice). All of our products are based on natural, high-efficiency ingredients that are not on WADAs “prohibited list” and are tested for banned substances and approved by Cologne List®.


In Eqology, we believe that the unity must come from nature. This thought is reflected in the making of our products.

Our suppliers guarantee that none of Eqology’s products are tested on animals:


  • We do not test our finished products on        animals, or engaging others to do so.

  • All ingredients may have been tested on  animals at some point in history, but we have not tested our product’s ingredients on animals.

  • Our suppliers guarantee that they do not test the ingredients on animals, or engaging others to do so.

  • We do not conduct animal testing in the manufacturing process of our products, or engage others to do so.

  • Eqology is registered on Animal Welfare Alliance’s list of products and brands that are not tested on animals.


We are uncompromising in our product development. We have unique quality products for energy, cleansing, wellness, physical activity and performance

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