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Sat, 18 Feb


Safetomove Clinic

Understanding Hormones Northern Ireland

A full understanding of key hormones, their roles, locations and what happens when the balance is tipped.

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Understanding Hormones  Northern Ireland
Understanding Hormones  Northern Ireland

Time & Location

18 Feb, 09:30 – 19 Feb, 17:30

Safetomove Clinic, 127 Deerfin Rd, Ballymena BT42 4HR, UK

About the Event

Understanding Hormones.

We all express different behaviours in order to feel well and reduce stress by our own definition, to feel comfortable in our own skin.

Hormones play a lead role in how we turn up to the world as a human and how we interact with our environment as a whole. They can tip the balance to give you super human powers or help you to eat five burgers in a sitting if you felt inclined…with no holding back on the nacho cheese.

They will create feelings of extreme happiness or dump you into the depths of despair, playing you like a yo-yo emotionally and physically with testosterone and oestrogen levels.

The trick is to not to camp out in any one state, and to embrace all at different points with elation, amusement and annoyance in equal doses and have the ability to return to home base and re-calibrate.

Hormones are the fabric of life, an orchestra of interactions.

I have been writing this course for 18 months to work in partnership with our other SafeToMove workshops that seek to play and have fun with physiology and areas interacting with muscular-skeletal and fascial experiences.

A new workshop for hands on therapists. These magic molecules and signals are travelling around virtually anywhere in our circulatory system delivering vital messages. Over 80 of them regulate and create an impressive amount of our functioning and behaviour via 10 amazing glands. It’s a remarkable and silent system working hand in hand with your nervous system. Let’s explore how we experience this as a human.

What you will learn.

A full understanding of key hormones, their roles, locations and what happens when the balance is tipped.

The biochemistry and physiology of the 10 major hormonal glands.

·  Hypothalamus.

·  Pituitary gland. 

·  Pineal gland.

·  Thyroid gland.

·  Parathyroid glands. 

·  Adrenal glands.

·  Pancreas. 

·  Thymus.

Practical Learning

We always aim to inform and create concepts that you can apply as an effective and talented therapist. With this in mind, we will offer applications that make sense for people experiencing symptoms and behaviour that are the side product of aging, genetics, lifestyle, surgery, environment, social experience, for example.

An intrinsic understanding of the neurology and endocrine system will guide practical hands on work for each individual. A guide and map.

Creating a safe experience for the client and a noticeably positive change to the quality of their life whilst providing quick helpful tools to use at home.


◻  Balancing oestrogen and progesterone and managing symptoms for menopause / period pain / post breast cancer / endometriosis / fertility.

◻  Male fertility, function and promotion of testosterone.

◻  Balancing the HPA axis and Adrenaline / Cortisol loads to reduce anxiety / threat / stress.

◻  Influencing the Pituitary and Pineal Glands with targeted cranial work.

◻  Calibrating the Thyroid and Thymus by balancing the Sympathetic Nervous System.

◻  Influencing the Liver, Pancreas and Gallbladder.

Extra Skills


Soothing Mechanisms

Dietary changes



Making sure your body is in a space where it feels SAFE TO MOVE





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