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Lymphatic Bowen in Athens, Greece
Saturday 14th May 2022
with Paula Esson, 

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Let's focus on one of the most important and most powerful systems in the body.

Discover the effect of the Bowen technique on the lymphatic system and change people's lives with a targeted treatment plan. 

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In this one day workshop we will explore and take and adventure around the lymph system whilst giving you ideas, understanding and logical sequences to apply for your clients, adding to your possibilities and results.

A lymph system that is not properly functioning is able to trigger unexplained aches and pains all around our bodies. 

The work will also be useful for all types of swelling, fluid retention, inflammation, sinus problems, and a great assistant to scar work. 


What we will cover:


Anatomy and Physiology of the circulation of blood

The Cardiovascular system and the Lymphatic process

Anatomy of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes

Lymphatic organs

Lymphatics: distribution and trunks


Tissue tension and behaviour


Lymphatic Red Flags



Assessing main lymphatic areas.

Using prior Bowen knowledge and expanding on it. 

Designing a treatment in relation to assessment, lymphatic flow, and lymph node regions.

Course manual included.


Margret Arna, Iceland.

The lymph work was a total success.

My client was so happy. She had just finished chemo and has generally been very tired.  She "urinated after the treatment and it was an awful smell" but have been feeling very good since! Sleeping less, doing things she has not been able to do and being very energetic. 

I am so happy with these tools I gained for my practice. 

Abby Lloyd-Williams, UK.

Thanks for a fantastic course! Four full treatments done yesterday & some excellent feedback already 👍 Our Bowen work is marvellous at freeing up toxins but most people have the exit door ajar or sometimes completely closed which rather hampers the outflow! This course gives you the means to open the doors!! 💡

Hands-on & Virtual Workshops

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  • Lymphatic Bowen - Athens
    Lymphatic Bowen - Athens
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    Location is TBD
    With Paula Esson To book onto this workshop, please contact Athina at Kenexe: