for Bowen technique practitioners

Let's focus on one of the most important, and most powerful systems in the body.

Discover the effect of the Bowen technique on the lymphatic system and change people's lives with a targeted treatment plan.

Lymphatic Bowen -  One day Training Course.
Suitable for all qualified Bowen Practitioners.
Delivered by
Paula Esson / Gus De La Querra
in conjunction with the Lymph Training Academy.

Our “Body Aquarium” as Perry Nickelston from Stop Chasing Pain calls it, is one of the body systems that we mention and briefly discuss in the core training with procedures that are known to assist in fluid mechanics and reduction of volume and improved circulation.

The lymphatic system is a generally neglected chapter in education, and often thought of and treated as the distant related cousin in bodywork, when it is in fact an extremely important player in the proper functioning of our immune system, organ health, vitality and movement.


In this one day course we explore and take an adventure around the lymph system whilst giving you ideas, understanding and logical sequences to apply for your clients, adding to your possibilities and results.

A lymph system that is not properly functioning is able to trigger unexplained aches and pains all around our bodies. The work will also be really useful for all types of swelling, fluid retention, inflammation, sinus problems, and a great assistant to scar work.


What to expect?


A treasure map trip around the physiology of the


Circulatory system

Lymphatic system:

  • Lymph

  • Lymph vessels

  • Lymphatic organs

  • Lymph and our immune system


The mechanism of the Bowen move and lymphatic flow.

Understanding different pressures for different outcomes.

Anatomy of the Lymphatic system.

Understanding Lymphoedema

Spotting initial signs of Lymphoedema.

Primary Lymphoedema

Secondary Lymphoedema

Physical responses to Lymphoedema

Contra-indications to Bowen Treatment and lymph work.

Red flags for Lymph.



Assessing main lymphatic areas.

Using prior Bowen knowledge and expanding on it. 

Designing a treatment in relation assessment, lymphatic flow, and lymph node regions.

Simple exercises to assist Lymph movement.

Course manual included.

Lymphatic Bowen Glasgow
3 Somervell St
Lymphatic Bowen London
Grove Neighbourhood Centre
Lymphatic Bowen Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyneside Badminton Centre
Lymphatic Bowen Spalding
Tonic Health
Lymphatic Bowen Battle, Hastings
Battle Memorial Hall
Lymphatic Bowen Oxford
Witney Lakes Resort & Golf Club
Lymphatic Bowen Stafford
Barn 2b, South Court Yard,
Lymphatic Bowen Aberdeen
Urban Wellness Hub
Lymphatic Bowen Taunton
Staplegrove Village Hall
Lymphatic Bowen Northern Ireland
127 Deerfin Rd. Safetmove .


Margret Arna, Iceland.

The lymph work was a total success.

My client was so happy. She had just finished chemo and has generally been very tired.  She "urinated after the treatment and it was an awful smell" but have been feeling very good since! Sleeping less, doing things she has not been able to do and being very energetic. 

I am so happy with these tools I gained for my practice. 

Abby Lloyd-Williams, UK.

Thanks for a fantastic course! Four full treatments done yesterday & some excellent feedback already 👍 Our Bowen work is marvellous at freeing up toxins but most people have the exit door ajar or sometimes completely closed which rather hampers the outflow! This course gives you the means to open the doors!! 💡