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Lymphatic Bowen one-day introduction course

For registered MLD practitioners only

Addressing lymph drainage using manual therapy treatments has potentially been demonstrated to facilitate the evacuation of fluid out of intra-fascial spaces and assist in the reduction of tensions and limitations created by adhesions post-surgery or increased general oedema.

SAFE TO MOVE will be delivering this exciting introduction that fuses the Bowen technique into regular MLD approaches, expanding the offer for our clients and patients in an area that is well known to need assistance and empathy with real-time results.

This one day course focuses upon the principles of fascial physiology and neurology.

Course Outline

One day introduction - 8 hours

  • Understanding and exploring the method and application with anatomical/fascial/neurological reasoning for the results witnessed and measured in clinic
  • Demonstrating and practising the detail of the Bowen technique itself and exploring the experience. 
  • Demonstration of MSTR® scar tissue release work to address adhesions and the multi-factorial effect on vascularity, elasticity, of tissues and scar depth. (Pilot research completed with dynamic ultrasound)
  • Outlining the specific known lymph procedures with demonstrations of two of the main approaches with detailed explanations.
  • Outlining the Lymphatic Bowen course in detail, full 2 x 3 days commencing Autumn 2020

All training will take place at:

The Lymphoedema Training Academy

Barn 2b, South Court Yard

Dunston Business Village

Stafford Road, Dunston

Staffordshire, ST18 9AB

Intro Day, 27 June 2020
Jun 27, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Barn 2b, South Court Yard,
Dunston Business Village, Stafford Rd, Penkridge, Stafford ST18 9AB, UK