Are you ready to revolutionise your practice, your results,

and your client's experience?

Ever looked at your client and wondered "Where do I start?" ? 




Takes hands on therapy from the couch into the true world of movement, the place where in reality we spend our days. More often than not, our clients present with discomfort when moving around. Do you ever truly observe their movement?

The MOVE-series has been created to

  • help practitioners truly apply theory and knowledge into practice.

  • provide you with a brand new set of tools, techniques, and ideas.

  • help you explore the freedom of no fixed procedures or construct.

  • demonstrate and ensure optimum, measurable outcomes.

  • give you the confidence to fully explore your potential as a professional in the industry.

The MOVE-series will help you steer your clients in a direction of improved function for an improved life, helping you understand the software that is our unique self. 

The MOVE-series carries 14 CPD hours per two-day module.

Pearson's Law:

“ That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported, improves exponentially”

MOVE 1, Reykjavik, Iceland
MOVE 2, Reykjavik, Iceland
MOVE 1 Reykjavik, Iceland
MOVE 1 Oxford, Witney
Witney Lakes Resort & Golf Club
MOVE 1 London, Hammersmith
Grove Neighbourhood Centre
MOVE 2 Oxford, Witney
Witney Lakes Resort & Golf Club
MOVE 2 London, Hammersmith
Grove Neighbourhood Centre
MOVE 3 Oxford, Witney
Witney Lakes Resort & Golf Club
MOVE 3 London, Hammersmith
Grove Neighbourhood Centre

More UK & worldwide dates coming soon

Paula and Gus have a colourful combination of skills ranging from pain management, sport science, fitness, professional sport, both as coaches and playing and 25 years of working with wonderful people in clinic and class. 

"We often have a practice that we don’t fully understand it’s full purpose and reasoning, and we often have huge amounts of theory and wonder how to put it into practice. We aim to fuse these two concepts together with fun and integrity. Helping make the complex become natural and sharing our combined authentic wisdom."

What to Expect on MOVE 123

Apart from covering new and exciting techniques, practical tools, and a fresh new interpretation of the term "biomechanics", we will also be exploring the "lighthouse philosophy".

Understanding the role of being a facilitator as a therapist, recognising the fact that the client is ultimately responsible for their own "healing". A theme that acts as the foundation to our workshops.

It is how the client feels and experiences your input and their’ motivation that will ultimately change the direction of their pain perception. Always being aware of what our clients have been previously told.

It looks to discover where and how clients adapt, behave and ultimately respond to their environments and life in ways that may not serve their physical and emotional potential, leading to pain, limits and loss of direction.

By gently observing their behaviour and movement we are able to witness avoidance response, techniques and skills your client uses to adapt and function in their life in reaction to external and internal influences.

We are here to be the “lighthouse" rather than a "tugboat", the guide that stands still and lets’ clients’ find their way to safety, on their terms and inside their ability, or moving their performance to the next level with a nudge. Gently changing their life “on the slow curve” rather than 180 degree turns at 100 mph, which ultimately hurts rather than heals.