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Are you ready to revolutionise your practice, your results,

and your client's experience?

Ever looked at your client and wondered "Where do I start?" ? 




Takes hands on therapy from the couch into the true world of movement, the place where in reality we spend our days. More often than not, our clients present with discomfort when moving around. Do you ever truly observe their movement?

The MOVE-series has been created to

  • help practitioners truly apply theory and knowledge into practice.

  • provide you with a brand new set of tools, techniques, and ideas.

  • help you explore the freedom of no fixed procedures or construct.

  • demonstrate and ensure optimum, measurable outcomes.

  • give you the confidence to fully explore your potential as a professional in the industry.

The MOVE-series will help you steer your clients in a direction of improved function for an improved life, helping you understand the software that is our unique self. 

The MOVE-series carries 14 CPD hours per two-day module.

Pearson's Law:

“ That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported, improves exponentially”