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In the last four weeks I was beginning to notice an interesting group of symptoms in my right shoulder and elbow. Ranging from soreness to a very obvious pain in the outside of my arm down the side of the little finger. Pretty tight behind the shoulder as well under the back of my armpit. Time to investigate this quirky presentation.

I am certainly not a professional tennis player or over-doing kettle bells. However... I am over-doing the technology and specifically my lovely, adored iPhone 10 with it's "whoop whoop" camera and potentially my passion for the playstation. Yes...I know I'm 50 but this is hardwired from aged nine. I can see you laughing.

So what is happening. When I naturally reach to hold my phone in my right hand being a trendy and incredibly special left-hander, an insanely creative and intelligent group of people - ( I raised an eyebrow to myself as I said that ), I noticed a number of repetitive actions.

My little finger and fourth finger are curled under and inwards - as I type this on the computer, it is doing it now - involuntarily. My elbow is flexed at 70 degrees. and my right shoulder rolled forwards - and it is stuck there. Have a little check of your own hand, elbow and shoulder, left and right. What do you notice ? Hopefully nothing. If you notice something, you may not have symptoms but with the erosion of time and repetition during these high tech times -you will. I promise you , it is deeply uncomfortable and preventable.

  • Numbness in the little finger and "clawing"

  • Tingling down the outside of the lower arm.

  • Tightness and pain in the outside of the elbow.

  • Tightness and restriction of the shoulder and shoulder blade.

The anatomy can be broadly described as "ulnar nerve compression" where the normal gliding of the nerve through the cubital fossa (or space) becomes snagged loses it's flow leading to inflammation and swelling which although a normal response to help healing, can increase the problem.