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It’s oil a myth?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

How important is the Omega 3/6 Ratio? How can it help you expand your clinical offer?

by Paula Esson

Omega 3 intake via supplements or eating fish is has long being established as an important aspect of our diet and one frequently overlooked by western society. When we look at the science behind the suggestion it provides a persuasive discussion towards the benefits, especially in reference to inflammation and brain function amongst other claims.

For 48 years I had almost blindly relied on a very natural state of health and sport, love my food and drink and an active lifestyle, flying around teaching and building clinics and basically creating, adapting and developing as a many services and support systems for more vulnerable areas of the North East of England. Bowen treatments were a relaxing and effective intervention to keep moving comfortably. Something was slowly arriving though, a balance on a biological level was being tipped.

A combination of ironic stress considering the health role I played and an inability to create and be free to “paint the canvas” with a vision for community health led to a wild level of tension and ultimately inflammation and pain. I was living in duality; it was incredible to think that this was now going to be part of my own journey.

Optimism and science are a wonderful combination and the most beautiful folly. No longer was an enthusiastic and upbeat attitude going to ultimately change what was happening on a day to day level. I was going to have to dig deep and really work towards becoming the version of myself that I wanted to be. Nothing could just “float” by anymore, it was going to take discipline and a dose of humour.

A scientist friend noted that it might be worth testing my Omega 3/ 6 levels with a small blood spot after asking 2 simple questions.

Do you eat 3-4 high quality fish dinners a week -not farm fish? 2 shop bought I replied.

Do you take a high-quality omega 3 oil supplement? No.

All for measurement and reality I agreed to take responsibility and look at my truth. The results were embarrassingly awful at 10 omega 6 to 1 Omega 3.

Knowing Karl Pearson’s law well : “That… that is measured improves, that…that is measured and recorded, improves exponentially.” I shouted, “I’m in” and committed to 6 months of raising my omega 3 level and reducing my omega 6. No convincing required. I am now a very healthy 3:1.