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A global leader in meal replacements, nutritional supplements and skin care products. Every day 4 million Herbalife nutrition shakes are consumed around the world. Employing scientists and experts to provide the most effective and easy to use meal plans available on the market.


I was introduced to Herbalife in Iceland in Feb 2019 and it has been a firm favourite ever since. Rather than reaching for instant poor nutrition, the shakes and the protein bars in particular helped to stabilise blood sugars, improve energy levels consistently across the day and assist in a natural weight loss that I have been able to maintain easily alongside swimming, walking and gym work.

I investigated the company in great detail, all the research, it is the personal support and guidance given by the Herbalife team and their knowledge and motivation that helped me to connect to the brand. The people are committed to a healthier lifestyle that can be measured in the conversations, their actions and their fun factor.


As a Sport Scientist I am well placed to help you make some easy and simple changes in your nutrition without it becoming complex and difficult. Quite the opposite. It is easy to apply and the changes happen within a positive experience.

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Safe to Move & Eqology partnership

The basis of our hands on work to help you move and be pain free works alongside some “hand-picked” products chosen for their alignment to reduce inflammation and help the body operate at it’s most effective. Omega 3 has regularly been used to help the brain, eyes, inflammation, neurology and connective tissue function. There are many examples on the market. Eqology takes out all the guesswork. By using blood tests before and after a 6 month period you can absolutely measure your progress as well as experience the difference.


We have personally been using Arctic Oil alongside Vitamin K2 for over 12 months with measurable changes that keep us running on the focus and high energy you experience when you meet us in clinic or on training courses.

So if you are really wanting a select product that is professional as well as ethical, click the link below to go directly to the site and make your first order. Choose the Log in option, and New Customer. The appropriate code is already allocated. 


We suggest you choose the 6 month option to reap the full benefit.





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