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Essential Training

Skilled therapists spending time with people who have needs is the essence of healthcare. Ensuring that complementary therapists have good communication skills and an awareness of significant “flags” will help to integrate their care and clinical findings with other members of the healthcare team.


This course aims at enabling complementary therapists to contribute to excellent healthcare through active listening skills underpinned by awareness of sentinel symptoms and behaviours’(flags).

As we know, healthcare should be safe, effective and enabling. This one-day course will enable you to:

  • Be aware of flags or sentinel symptoms that indicate further assessment (red flags).

  • Be better able to utilise active listening skills that can make their encounter more comprehensive and therapeutic.

  • Be aware of brief therapeutic interventions on lifestyle changes that have a positive health benefit.

Why should I do Red Flag training?

Why should I do Red Flag training?

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The on-line training format.

You will receive a 7 hour CPD certificate and a "Red-Flag" web badge to show visual proof of attendance and commitment to your clients.

We will provide you with a Zoom Online Training Code one week prior to the event to help you orientate the platform.

It is highly flexible and easy to use with share screen ability for all the powerpoints.

Dr. David Laird will be your tutor for Red Flags.

All presentations and notes will be available as downloads.


The course structure will be a 3 x 2 hour set up with breaks for lunch and refreshments.

David will be doing a mixture of face to face and sharing chats / presentations and feedback sessions. Everyone can be seen and everyone can contribute when prompted.

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