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Scar Tissue Release

The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique ® (MSTR®) is a fascinating advancement in the treatment of scar tissue and is changing people’s lives.


Recent research at the Newcastle Clinic under ultrasound showed and documented clear changes in scar depth, width, adhesion,vascularity, lymph movement. It was also possible to documents changes in mood states and other long term affects the scar has on health.

Multiple small scars can also change movement patterns, pain signalling and the experience of pain for the individual. Even though they may appear insignificant.

This workshop is provided for healthcare professionals who wish to add this unique, and effective evidence-based treatment technique to their therapeutic ‘toolbox’.


MSTR® is used for:

  • Caesarian section scars

  • Hysterectomy scars

  • Spinal surgery scars

  • Trauma scars such as those typically found on the knee

  • Head wound scars

  • Mastectomy scars etc…

  • Amputation scars

  • Underlying scar tissue from laparoscopic surgery​

Success has also been reported with burns scars in some instances!

It is a method that is easily learnt if you already have qualifications in any form of bodywork and is being used effectively worldwide by:

  • Physical therapists

  • Massage Practitioners

  • Midwives

  • MLD practitioners

  • Bowen Practitioners

  • Chiropractors

  • Yoga teachers

  • Osteopaths

  • Rehabilitation therapists

  • Pilates instructors


In fact ANYONE who is involved in health and well being!





Listen to Alistair McLoughlin talking about the technique

on a podcast with Dr Perry Nickelston from Stop Chasing Pain.

Extremely happy with Paula’s depth of knowledge conveyed in a fun andrelaxed atmosphere. I felt very confident of her professionalism ... love her ..she is amazing!
Anne Marie
Good venue, fascinating subject, an entertaining and enthusiastic tutor whose knowledge is immense and whose passion for her subject is contagious, and thoroughly pleasant fellow students.
 Sue Cook

The MSTR® courses are delivered in two formats:

One day on-location 


one day Virtual Classes

In order to meet the needs of students in these times of restricted travel and lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus we have a MSTR® Virtual Class. The course material is exactly the same as the MSTR® One Day Class however the class will be conducted via ‘Zoom’ – the video conference platform. 

We will deliver a mix of PowerPoint Presentations, pre-recorded video material and live interaction.

For the practical part of the course the student will need to have a person to practice upon for a few hours – someone within your support ‘bubble’ or persons with whom you are permitted close contact. This might be a family member for example.

Course Dates

June 25th  2022
Tutor: Paula Esson
July 2nd 2022
Tutor: Gus de la Querra
July 15th 2022
Tutor: Gus de la Querra
Sept 17th 2022
Tutor: Paula Esson
October 8th 2022
Tutor: Paula Esson

Visit the official McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release website.

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