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Paula Esson
BSc. Cert Ed.
P-DTR Practitioner. Bowen Tutor.

Welcome to my clinic page. What makes this different from the expectations of a normal clinic?

We understand through 25 years of having the privilege to work with people who have committed their time to feeling healthier that pain and the experience of injury can arrive for no reason and as a result of “events” in life. We do “mend” from these but they can leave echoes in the nervous system that show themselves in daily life. By regulating the signalling and calming the body into balance you can engage in life in a much happier and productive way through exercise, social life and family.


The wisdom we bring to your time with us is an investment in your future and vitality. A life that has reduced pain is valuable.


The tools and techniques we use are totally tailored to you as an individual when we hear your events, experiences, physical and emotional journey. Delivered with authenticity and knowledge.


All treatments are focused on the outcomes that you are looking for to get more comfortable and capable in your body to do what you want to do.


Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex.

90 minutes  £100.

A long title for a very clever piece of neural work developed by Dr.Jose Palomar focusing on balancing the nervous system responses to :


Muscular Skeletal Problems and Pain.


Cranial injuries and neural.




Brain Fog

Paula: 0044 (0) 7780 900 283

The Bowen Technique.

60 minutes.

£60.00 Northern Ireland.

12,000 Krona. Iceland.

A well established  and popular gentle hands on method used to help the nervous system go into “rest and digest” which usually has a spin off to alter tension, pain and improve neuromuscular function. It also appears to change energy levels and help people cope better with their problem. The environment is calm and inviting, the treatment involves short breaks where  I actually leave the room. This helps your nervous system to calibrate what we have set in motion. A very relaxing treatment that is a slow burner, people report changes and responses for weeks afterwards.



Muscular skeletal pain. ( All )




Fascial pain and function.


Digestive presentations. IBS .

Paula: 0044 (0) 7780 900 283

Lighthouse Training

Pain is a construct that arrives due to events and injury, it also makes itself known when we are not reaching our own personal potentials and possibility. There are 5 key areas around freedom of . If you are feeling that you have resolved your physical pain but are now spinning like the little wheel you see on your computer screen…. An extra few hours to pick up tools and support to move your life forward is invaluable. What do you want in these areas?


I’m a keen gamer and there are many tools within this construct that help you level up your real life by following exactly the same principles. It’s really good fun too. Let us help you to make progress in a measurable and clear way.








We offer this as part of your program. Ranging from a few hours to spending a whole day unpacking the way forward.

What if you really upgraded?

What would that look like?…

Contact me today

Paula    0044 (0) 7780 900 283

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